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Take Responsibility.

There's a door at the juncture of the building, to the south of Room 10 and to the west of Room 16; it blends well with the wall, and it's difficult to notice unless you're staring directly at it. Either way, however, it's just appeared to be dead space – after all, were it something vitally important, surely it would have been unlocked before now, wouldn't it? The Wordsmith has promised to provide for you all.

That door is open now.

It's hard to say when it opened; it simply...seems to have, without anyone visible unlocking it. But the fact of the matter is that it's open, and the room beyond seems to be a holding area – somewhere to wait while the elevator beyond the threshold arrives.

Its doors opened without it being called; it seems it was sent from elsewhere, given that there are no call buttons anywhere to be seen. The doors slide open, revealing enough space for all of you; it won't be terribly comfortable, but it'll be safe – the ride itself is fast and smooth, without any alarming shaking or noise that implies you should probably be concerned about the contraption.

It's noticeable, though, that the elevator is bringing you upward.

The door opens into what seems to have been, appropriately enough for a university, a grand lecture hall – it's all polished wood and no windows, with several rows and aisles of seats to be occupied by students set behind long tables for note-taking and doing assignments. Each individual area is outfitted with vaguely outdated-looking lamps designed to make it a little easier to see exactly what one is writing. The front of the room, though, has been cleared out and remodeled, in a big way, and that's where the aisles lead you, clearly where you're supposed to go - in the center of the room is a circle of podiums, thirty in total, arranged so that everyone standing at them can see each other. So everyone can look each other in the eyes, if they so choose. The podiums are interlocked - there's no cutting across the center of the circle, and for good reason, it looks like there's a lot of nothing down there where the floor should be - and each is bearing the title of the person who's assigned to stand at it. No names, just adjectives, emblazoned across two brass panels on the very top and the front of each podium.

(They're all the same height, but the smaller among you will find that there are a couple of steps behind your podium, leading up to a raised platform for you to stand on so you can see over it. It's a little more dignified, at least, than needing someone to fetch a box.)

All of the podiums are identical, outside of the abovementioned physical accommodations, except for the one intended for Adelina. The podium that should bear Securing's title has had a black cloth draped over it, and a copy of Adelina's profile photo is sitting on top of it, framed and colorless, an image in greyscale.

To the north of the podium circle, behind where everyone is standing, is the lectern – a tall podium raised several feet off the ground, presumably where the professor delivering the lessons for the day would stand such that they could be seen and heard by everyone in the room. For the time being, however, that particular podium is empty.

That doesn't mean you won't be addressed, however; once you've all found your places, the Wordsmith's voice can be heard above any ambient noise that may be present.

'In accordance with Rule Seven, the party responsible for the death of Securing must avoid detection in order to end the exercise here at the university. Which means, naturally, that you will all be given a fair chance to foil that attempt. That is why you are all here today.

To the innocent: seek justice for your fallen Apprentice. To the guilty: be prepared to take responsibility for your actions, should they succeed.'
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[Hey, dude. Have you ever noticed that Bruce is at podium 30? That's two podiums down from you.

That means he's going to get up and move closer and just...stare. His voice takes on a degree of menace.]

I'd highly suggest you keep rule six in mind.
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[Kyrie raises her eyebrows]

Did you run out of arguments so fast you have to resort to threats? I'm not going to stop you, but it'd be a waste of time and you know it.

[Even any satisfaction you may get from it won't last long]
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The others can stick with the arguments all they like. I'm content with breaking every bone one-by-one until you talk.
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...wow, you're a heck of a lot more metal than I expected. Okay, I can get down with what you're thinking.
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Yeesh, the business world really is cutthroat.
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I don't think we should cut any throats, either...

[ is she serious? she's serious ]
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Indeed it is.

[Damn right she knows]
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[...Oh shit, he's actually kind of cool.]
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[Wow. Judy feels like she should say something but instead she just watches with her nose twitching, hoping that someone closer than her would stop that if it started.]
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[ ...do you wanna maybe chill. ]

It won't need to come to that. [ like, ever. ]
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Good business people can keep their mouth shut in all situations. You should know that, Wayne-san.

[She aids her husband in rather sketchy business practices, after all]
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I wouldn't advise that.

[Lots of comments from the peanut gallery, aren't there? Not like Bruce notices them, because he's going to try and get a grip on her collar and pull her in.]


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[.... he's so cool]
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[This is an attitude she's kind of familiar with...]

I'm not sure if violence is the answer here.

[Let's not forget they're trying to corner a potential murderer, but shhh.]
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Well, I mean, I think violence is the question here, and my answer is yes.

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Whether or not violence happens, I do hope no one sinks to the exact same level the assailant had in the duration of this trial.

[ He is just saying. ]
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[evil laughter from the peanut gallery]
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[Now that's violence she can get behind.]
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[ Killia doesn't say anything, but he sure is staring at Bruce. What a comment from a human, it's better befitting a demon.]
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[That's... yikes. Go for it if you want, Phi won't stop you. Not like she could...]
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[Joining the quiet judgment squad...]
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-- There is not going to be any more violence here! [HOLY SHIT DUDE HE THOUGHT YOU WERE THE REASONABLE ONE]
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[Do you see her eye twitching, because right now it's twitching a lot. She's not going to immediately put a stop to it, but she's watching.]
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[...okay, on one hand she approves because fucking deck the child murderer, just fucking do it, don't let your dreams be dreams.

On the other, that's. The rest of that is not such a good idea.]

...Mr. Wayne. I believe Ms. Ushiromiya will be taking responsibility for her actions. You needn't potentially make yourself a culprit.
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