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[Reluctantly and in his own maddeningly unhelpful way, Kirei Kotomine directs the Apprentices out of Chronos University. It's an upward journey; the floors they have inhabited for so long are well below ground. When they do reach ground level, they emerge in a building that is either a cathedral or some kind of archaic school; wide hallways, high ceilings, massive windows revealing the night sky outside (luckily for Elda.)]

[He indicates the front doors, unlocked and pushed open easily a modern city in worn down ruins, as though some kind of disaster swept through it years before and no one was left to organize efforts to rebuild. It seems completely uninhabited.]

[The building you have emerged from is large as it seemed from the inside, with a long-stopped clock high overhead.]

Welcome to the Clock Tower.

[He held his arms out slightly again, in that same not-entirely-welcoming gesture.]

With that sword, Hanyuu Furude should be able to reopen the walls between worlds and return you all to the places from which you originated. Say farewell to the university, Apprentices...and presumably to each other.
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With your course of study officially completed, for better or worse, there isn't much left for you in the courtroom itself; the elevator will take you back down to the first floor, where you'll be left off – it won't take you any lower than that.

But then again, perhaps it doesn't need to.

Take some time to reorient yourself, to be grateful that you didn't die, to do whatever it is you need to do – however, if you return to the main part of the building, away from the dorms...


There's something waiting for you in the foyer.
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[The sound of footsteps is slow, but deliberate and without hesitation. And as they echo through the room he walks into view lacking fear, lacking hesitance, lacking...much of anything at all.]

[He's tall--perhaps taller than his profile had implied--wide-shouldered and built like an unbreakable fortress wall, wearing the solid black of a priest; the light catches a gold cross around his neck to confirm the fact. And as he steps forward, his long coat (the deep purple of poisons and nightshade itself) trails behind him before coming to a stop as he does.]

[A smile cut across his gaunt and pale face, but it was far from a pleasant one. It was the enigmatic smile of someone witnessing a joke only they found humorous, and yet it did not reach the dark and emotionless eyes that scanned the room briefly as though the priest was carefully calculating what course of action to take.]

At last we meet face to face, my Apprentices.

[The voice that leaves him is recognizable as the same one that was heard only moments before, but clearer in person. Now it seems to ring like the largest, deepest bells of Notre Dame itself, no louder than an ordinary speaking tone--the result sounds more like distant thunder heralding an oncoming hurricane.]

[The real difference lies not in how he speaks, but what he says. The short, impersonal sentences of the weeks prior are at last discarded, and the man before them speaks as a true preacher--a true wordsmith--would address his congregation.]

Rejoice and be proud of your accomplishments. Each and every last one of your number, dead or alive, has truly exceeded all expectations I had for this group. And now you have clawed and scratched your way here, on the backs of your fallen friends' struggles and failures. You have proven that their own accomplishments would not be in vain simply by standing here before me--I do not doubt that your success is the wish most of them held in their hearts, at the very end of their lives.

[He places a hand over his own heart, taking on a tone that nearly sounds genuinely proud...until a patronizing current begins to run through each syllable like a deadly undertow.]

Do you perhaps feel satisfied? You would be right to, for making it so far. Your sorrow, desperation, joy, determination...all of it has been a magnificent thing to behold as you fought to reach this point in time. Each second of it has served its purpose, and served it very well. I am one who believes such struggling and effort deserves to be rewarded, and so this alongside my own endless gratitude is what I will grant you in return for all that you have done for me.

My name is Kirei Kotomine.

[He holds his arms out slightly to his sides, a gesture that would almost seem welcoming if 'Kageshirou' did not react and coil--completely harmlessly--around his arms like a black serpent. The smile he wore turned to a razor-edged smirk, the challenge set before the remaining Apprentices clear even without his next words:]

And now that we have properly met, tell me: shall we continue our discussion?
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Despite the lack of a body, despite the fact that you've initiated the investigation today of your own volition rather than due to some sense of formality and obligation (to the dead, to the rules, to the session), it seems that the Wordsmith is aware of your activities regardless; as such, when you finally leave that hidden area on the seventh floor and move back toward the stairs, you'll find that the elevator is already waiting for you.

Perhaps it's unsettling, in its own way; perhaps it'll only serve to make you more determined.

Either way, the ride up is swift and smooth as always; when the door opens, however, it becomes immediately obvious that the courtroom itself has changed.

The podium circle is still standing in its spot toward the front of the room; three more have joined the ranks of the deceased since you were last here - Mikazuki, Watanuki, and Bruce Wayne's portraits have been set up on their podiums; however, theirs aren't the only ones that have been covered - all thirty podiums have been draped in black, the fabric spilling down over the wood, almost to the point of reaching the floor.

That isn't the only difference, either - Kageshirou is far more visibly present today, in a way that's impossible to ignore. The walls in here appear cracked, much like the one in the foyer, dark silt and shadow spilling down to pool on the floor like contaminated water, like blood. A fair amount of it seems to be emanating from the lectern high above, the one place in this room that doesn't seem to have taken damage like the walls have; regardless, the darkness of the shadow entity spills down heavily from there, constantly pouring down like some sort of waterfall, thick and ugly and thankfully dissipating into the floor before it can touch the circle where you'll be standing.

The circle is one of the few places in this room that's clear of it, actually.

As repulsive as this all may be, however, the lectern remains empty, standing cold and unaffected by any of this; once everyone has found their place in the circle, the Wordsmith's voice can be heard addressing everyone, as always.

"Welcome, Apprentices—I thought it likely you would want to find yourselves here today, and we have now gathered for what I am sure you need not be told may be one final time. Is there perhaps something you wished to discuss?"

There are only eight of you left, and it seems you've reached the end of the line. There isn't much else to do but try to win, in any way you can.

Best of luck to you.
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The Wordsmith's message earlier this week was an ominous one; try as one might, it's difficult to ignore completely, especially with such few details provided to the group. "The end" is such a vague description; however, it does mean one thing, and that's the promise that all of this will come to a close, one way or another.

He's promised you one other thing, however – that being that the only way to leave the building is by way of Rule Seven.

The chimes ring out, as they always do, on Friday morning; a thorough check of the building will bring with it the realization that no one has died as of last night. There are no bodies to be found in any of the rooms; Kageshirou remains in the foyer, but in general it doesn't seem that anything has changed.

However, it's plain that you're all getting restless, and perhaps understandably so; there's only one thing to do in that sort of circumstance, isn't there? After all, you've gotten good at this game; you know what happens on Fridays around here.

There are a lot of places to check; just as a bit of advice, you might want to start on the lowest floor first. Other than that, however? You're on your own.

Best of luck to you.



Mar. 19th, 2017 11:50 am
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The only two deaths this past week were due to rule violations; Bruce Wayne and Kimihiro Watanuki have joined the deceased. The deceased, however, still seem to be among you - that is, if Noir is to be believed.

Either way, one thing is clear: for the first time in two months, a week has passed where no one has murdered.

With no trial, Saturday is relatively quiet. On Sunday morning the clock chimes as it always has, but at least there are no bodies to find today. It seems you're safe for now. The night before wasn't necessarily a peaceful one, however; you'll probably feel a bit groggy when you wake up, and it seems you've regained something that you didn't realize you'd lost...

Once again, there are no new floors available to you; is this a good sign, or just claustrophobic? Either way, the air has been seeming a little heavier nowadays, despite the lack of murder - but who knows, maybe it's all in your head.



[OOC: Welcome to week nine of Trustfell! Feel free to make as many top levels as you'd like and tag out to other characters! This post is for all of your interactions this week... at least until the weekend. Don't forget to save those threads for coins and the activity check!

If you'd like to get in contact with the Wordsmith, you can do so through letters or the switchboard!]
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[It’s been a fairly peaceful week; the lack of incentive has been both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, no one is being explicitly pressured to kill; perhaps this week will be the one in which you decide that enough is enough.

On the other, you haven't heard from your dead friends in over a week now.

Either way, Friday dawns as it always does; while it's quiet, as usual, there's a heavy sense that something isn't right hanging over the university. Maybe it’s the usual feeling of dread this place brings, the sort of fear and uncertainty that has caused others to leave their rooms late at night even when they know just how dangerous it is; maybe it's something more.

Whatever it is, the feeling isn’t lessening any as time goes by and if you’re willing to risk opening your door before the clock chimes this morning, you’ll find the hallway clear. You won’t find any bodies or blood (or crushed tomatoes), but as you move to explore you’ll find something off in the foyer.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll see is the cracked wall near the clock, where the now-familiar being made of shadows and silt has taken over, rippling behind the wall like it’s waiting for something. Some of it has seeped out onto the floor as well, pooling on the ground in a manner that's almost agitated, and it’s edging closer and closer to…

Is that a man in a bat costume?

...That's possibly a little concerning for several reasons, if we're all being honest with ourselves.

Either way, Batman isn’t the only one incapacitated on the floor here; it appears that Watanuki is also out cold, lying on the ground nearby. Both of them are a bit too far away and the entity is a bit too close for you to risk running over there, unless for some reason you don't happen to value keeping your legs attached to your body.

Of course, if you didn’t wake up early, the Wordsmith’s voice probably will get your attention; it can be heard throughout the building, sudden and intrusive.]

I have made an effort for the rules to be very clear, Apprentices. And yet time and time again you choose to act against them. Do you truly hate the university so much?

Rule Five has been broken by Distinguished and Independent. After this long, you should all know precisely what the consequences for that will be.

[And it seems, for now, that that's all he's offering – no details, no mention of exactly how Rule Five was violated. It's possibly because that's just how the Wordsmith is when it comes to extraneous details; it's likewise possible that he sees no reason to offer them if for no better reason than he doesn't want to encourage another attempt. However, while he's certainly been a lot of things, a liar with regards to offenses that have been carried out isn't one of them; he isn't incorrect about one other thing, either – that being that you certainly should know what the consequences for this sort of action are going to be.

The shadows are swift as they surge forth from the wall, the darkness rippling again before shooting forward, thick tendrils sweeping over the floor and wrapping quickly around the limbs of its intended targets, creeping up over them in a manner that's slow and almost possessive in nature. It doesn't move to consume right away, however; for a long, horrid moment it lingers, pressing down low over the bodies of those it's subduing, and it's difficult to say why. It's slightly different to the normal behavior of waiting for witnesses, though it certainly seems to be doing that as well; usually it carries out that sort of thing on the floor, well away from anyone it's going to overtake.

Its intentions become a bit more apparent, perhaps, when Bruce stirs a bit on the floor, when Watanuki's eyes flutter open.

They tense up almost immediately, writhing against whatever's holding them down; the oppressive weight the shadow entity is putting on them, the grip it has on their limbs is inescapable – and surely they know it's inescapable, they've seen what this thing does, they know what's happened to everyone since Kyrie tried to fight against it on that first week – but that doesn't do anything to deter the natural human instinct to try to escape, whether through fear or simply a matter of fight or flight.

Bruce is taken first – perhaps because he's stronger, harder to deter and keep pinned down; either way, the entity is swift in devouring him, sweeping over that pointed cowl and spreading out immediately to pool on the floor again; Watanuki follows shortly after – and its difficult to say, really, whether the swiftness of it all is torment or mercy, given that it allowed them to wake up at all.

And with that, only eight apprentices remain; the Wordsmith seems to have nothing further to say on the matter, allowing the university to fall into silence once again.

The shadow, on the other hand, will be present in the foyer for the remainder of your stay here, spilling down from that split in the wall. Perhaps it's keeping watch; perhaps it's serving solely as a reminder that you aren't going anywhere.]


Mar. 12th, 2017 11:52 am
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Orihime Inoue and Mikazuki Munechika are dead thanks to the Wordsmith's motive. While only two have died this past week, it feels much emptier around here now.

There's only ten of you left. There's so few of you now.

Saturday is given to regrouping and rest; on Sunday morning the clock chimes as it always has, but at least there are no bodies to find today. It seems you're safe for now. The night before wasn't necessarily a peaceful one, however; you'll probably feel a bit groggy when you wake up, and it seems you've regained something that you didn't realize you'd lost...

Unfortunately, regardless of how well you may or may not have done this week, it seems that there's nothing else for you here. No new floors have opened up below the seventh; it looks like for now, that truly is all.

Perhaps it's a good sign. Perhaps it's one of the worst yet. Only time will tell.




[OOC: Welcome to week eight of Trustfell! Feel free to make as many top levels as you'd like and tag out to other characters! This post is for all of your interactions this week... at least until the weekend. Don't forget to save those threads for coins and the activity check!

If you'd like to get in contact with the Wordsmith, you can do so through letters or the switchboard!]
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Please join us in the greenhouse should you feel able or need company. There will be food and comfort. None of us should be alone right now.

-Hanyuu, Jasper, and Silver

[That's the note that gets slid under everyone's doors after such a somber and saddening trial; it's not like it's going to be a big ordeal anymore given how few of them there are, but that doesn't mean that they should spend it alone.

The location of their setup is the greenhouse! ...The greenhouse has had a new addition; there is a massive blanket fort set up using an absurd amount of rope, blankets, and duct tape. The blankets span across three trees to make a considerable amount of space roughly shaped like a triangle for them to hang out under. Under the fort is a small pile of scissors taken from the sewing and art rooms. Next to them are a couple of flower crowns. They're relatively simple and don't involve many different flowers, but they're good examples of what the pile of scissors are there for.

There's also food, of course; a blanket is laid out on the floor with a large set of plates, a massive amount of eggs and rice, some of Elda's spicy fries, and... Sandwiches. Jasper's made everyone sandwiches, and the sandwiches are absolutely absurd in size due to how many cold cuts she's stacked into them. But don't worry! They aren't all meat. There's a lot of mustard, too. Luckily, they're still of a reasonably edible size.]
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The time allotted for this week's investigation passes fairly briefly, but not easily - what with the state of the body and the things that have been found, the mood is perhaps oddly sobering. Either way, eventually the elevator will be waiting for you at the exit of your floor of choice, bringing you up to the courtroom swiftly and easily.

There are so few of you now.

Two more portraits have joined the ranks of the dead, watching over the proceedings. Gangrel and Orihime's images watch over you with with eyes that see nothing, all colored in greyscale and set up on their places in the podium circle, black fabric draped over each setting.

As always, the lectern remains empty and unaffected by what's happened here.

After a while, however, once everyone has found their place in the circle, the Wordsmith can be heard addressing the group, voice audible throughout the room.

"Sacrificing one to save many—that is ostensibly why Harmonious is no longer among you. Truly, that is the most pragmatic of options in a situation with no chance of victory. I may even come close to commending such a decision.

But I must also wonder if the dead can be said to have been 'saved', when they have passed beyond your reach in all but mere messages. Unless you should wish to follow Harmonious and join them, hold the guilty accountable for their practicality.

Eleven Apprentices remain. However many leave this place is up to you.


Mar. 10th, 2017 12:00 pm
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The past week has been tense, despite everyone's best efforts to lessen the heavy atmosphere of worry and dread; the deadline for the incentive has been creeping ever-nearer, and the potential for consequences to come down – not only on you, but on those who have already suffered and died in the name of this "course" you've all been put through – has been difficult to ignore as time goes by.

But whatever one may be feeling about it, the world keeps turning and time moves ever-forward; Friday morning dawns eventually, heralded with the usual ringing of chimes and silence laying heavy over most of the university.

Perhaps things have been uneventful; checking the first few floors may imply that, for those of you that are feeling hopeful. Searching lower down, however...

Well, things may not be as acceptable as they seem, let's put it that way.

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[ So after Elda sent out invitations earlier today, Elda has spent the rest of the day preparing the Dining Room and the game itself for tonight. And hey, the results are pretty good, probably!

The Dining Room is set up with numerous pillows and blankets, for theming. There also are two plushes laying around the room to add to that. Not nearly as much as at Silver's Pillow Fight the other week, but a fair number to make the whole room feel very cushy. On the table (though hopefully some people bring their own food) Elda's provided her fries in three varieties: spicy, salty, or ... sweet (as in having sugar on fries) as well as egg sandwiches and those instant heat creampuffs once she sort of mastered the microwave. Also juice, water, vodka, and tequila. Because of course. However, the real centerpiece of the night is a seemingly innocent can with several sticks inside of it.

This is the can they'll be using to play the King's Game! Elda's labeled the sticks with numbers for however many people show up here minus one. Because the last stick has a stylized crown on it, as best Elda could write all of those with a pen on the sticks. Each round, everyone will draw a stick each, and then the one who drew the crown gets to issue any combination of commands for the numbers. (So, for example, 4 and 6 need to dance with each other and 7, 8, and 9 need to clap for them)

This will go on until everyone is tired of this or just plain tired, at which point a second set of sticks comes out! These are split into three colors: Dark Red, Purple, and Pink. those who draw the same color sticks this time are assigned to have a sleepover with each other and must retire to one of their rooms in order to do so, serving as the tail end of the night.

Basically, we're all in for a wild ride. ]

[ OOC: I've already run the RNG for room assignments for the end of the night and I'll be running the RNG for the King's Game rounds to determine people's numbers / who is king each round. There'll be dedicated top comments for all of those similar to how we do things on the weekly logs. Feel free to put up your own thread below all of those if you want to have some sort to totally aside conversation, but otherwise please feel free to go totally off topic with discussion or w/e in any King's Game round. ]


Mar. 5th, 2017 02:20 pm
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Oerba Dia Vanille, Phi, and Gangrel have joined the deceased, dropping your number even further. This is the second week that the death toll has risen by three, just by way of murder alone.

With well over half of your number deceased, how much longer can this go on?

Saturday is given to regrouping and rest; on Sunday morning the clock chimes as it always has, but at least there are no bodies to find today. It seems you're safe for now. The night before wasn't necessarily a peaceful one, however; you'll probably feel a bit groggy when you wake up, and it seems you've regained something that you didn't realize you'd lost...

As before, it seems that door at the bottom of the stairwell has been unlocked, allowing you to descend even further into the depths of the university; perhaps the new floor holds something promising for you.

Or perhaps you'll "christen" this one with another murder. Given the current pattern, that probably wouldn't be a surprise.



[OOC: Welcome to week seven of Trustfell! Feel free to make as many top levels as you'd like and tag out to other characters! This post is for all of your interactions this week... at least until the weekend. Don't forget to save those threads for coins and the activity check!

If you'd like to get in contact with the Wordsmith, you can do so through letters or the switchboard!]
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[ This trial was a mess. Hard on everyone, filled with conflicting emotions, and the twists and turns in it made it unsatisfying for everyone involved. That's probably become the norm at this point though! As have the gatherings in the aftermath of them. This time around the letter comes under everyone's door fairly quickly into the evening, following only a short delay for those organizing it to get things together and console themselves enough to be presentable. ]

Come to the dining room if you want to be with people. I will have board games, cards, food, and drink. We also will be writing letters to the dead, if you want to do that around others.

- Elda, Hanyuu, and Mikazuki

[ The dining room's set up is once again fairly simple. Hanyuu broad board games, Elda brought some rpg books though she doesn't expect anything to come of it, and there are a lot of envelopes, paper, and pens from the mail room. The mail room's going to close tonight, of course, but most of the letters will probably be written privately anyway. Elda just wanted people to be sure they knew they could.

Food wise, there's grilled meat and fish, rice, cream puffs (all Hanyuu!) Mikazuki's tea (both black and green!) and Elda's ... spicy fries. Some of them are more mild! However, the mild ones are covered in sugar so uh... that's probably not better. Either way, have at ]
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Once again, the time allotted for investigating seems to run slightly long this week - understandably so, most likely, given the state of the bodies and the fact that there were a pair of them this time. But eventually that time does draw to a close, leaving nothing but the elevator waiting for you at your floor of choice and perhaps a sense of irony in the notion that there's quite literally nowhere to go but up from here.

Once again, the deceased have had three more join their numbers since you were here last - greyed-out portraits of Killia, Vanille, and Phi have been set up on their places in the podium circle, watching the proceedings with unseeing eyes from atop the black fabric that's been draped over their spots.

The lectern above remains unoccupied; the Wordsmith's voice can be heard either way, however, echoing throughout the room once everyone has found their place in the circle.

"Two more Apprentices' lives have been lost, and this time the guilty seeks to terminate their course of study with company in tow. Whatever their reasoning, should they wish to circumvent death or perhaps simply have the living accompany them, will you truly allow Encouraging and Rational to have died for that purpose?

If your answer should be 'no', then have the guilty held accountable for their actions.

Thirteen Apprentices remain. It's your job to decide how many are still standing by the end of the day.


Mar. 3rd, 2017 12:18 pm
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While the week may not have been everything that was hoped for, it hasn't been met with much tragedy, either; things have been solved, things have been found, and once again, the week has passed without interference from the executioner.

Overall, it hasn't been too bad; however, that doesn't mean that things haven't been strained in some way or another – the incentive and all of the deaths you've been dealing with over the past several weeks are surely taking a toll of some sort on the group.

The chimes ring out on Friday morning, as they always do; the morning is quiet, but that doesn't mean that things have been uneventful. The third floor is probably enough indication of that, actually.

Don't worry, it's not like there's blood thrown around or bodies in the hallways; just the same, that doesn't mean the night passed easily for all of you.

You know. In case you were feeling hopeful.



Feb. 26th, 2017 12:04 pm
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With the deaths of Viktor Nikiforov, Varric Tethras, and Killia, you're down to half of your original number. There's only fifteen of you left.

How much longer before your number drops again?

Saturday is given to regrouping and rest; on Sunday morning the clock chimes as it always has, but at least there are no bodies to find today. It seems you're safe for now. The night before wasn't necessarily a peaceful one, however; you'll probably feel a bit groggy when you wake up, and it seems you've regained something that you didn't realize you'd lost...

Of course, that doesn't mean that you've gained nothing else among the many, many losses you've faced; it seems that another floor has been made available to you for surviving another week.

Congratulations and well done, even if you might not necessarily appreciate the reward.



[OOC: Welcome to week six of Trustfell! Feel free to make as many top levels as you'd like and tag out to other characters! This post is for all of your interactions this week... at least until the weekend. Don't forget to save those threads for coins and the activity check!

If you'd like to get in contact with the Wordsmith, you can do so through letters or the switchboard!]
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[The trial, as usual, was taxing. It's for different reasons every week, but what it all comes down to is there are fewer of them than there were, and that keeps on happening. The note comes, as it always does, earlier than last week, but still with some delay. There's a note slipped under everyone's door. ...One under Gold's door because of course Silver will be staying there, she knows.]

Please come to the dining room, if you would like not to be alone. There will be food, and there will be some cards and board games if you need a distraction.

- Hanyuu & Elda

[True to that, there are a variety of foods. It's nothing too fancy. Rice, grilled fish, eggs in various styles. ...No creampuffs this time, it seems Hanyuu thought that would be a little in poor taste. Also a bunch of fries? ...Really spicy fries, like incredibly so.

On a far table, board games brought from the games room have been left out, along with many decks of cards.]
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The time allotted for investigation this week is a bit longer than normal - not due to anything done wrong on the part of the Apprentices, but perhaps due to a basic understanding that two corpses are going to be decidedly more difficult to handle than one. However, at the end of the time period you've been given, the elevator is waiting for you, as cold and sterile as always in its journey up to the courtroom; you're down to almost half of your original number, and if anything is going to indicate that this shows no signs of stopping, it's probably this week.

The deceased have had three more join their numbers since you were here last - Gold, Varric, and Viktor's portraits have been greyed-out and set atop their spots in the podium circle, the podiums themselves draped in black fabric.

As always, the lectern above stands empty.

Whether he's with you or not, however, once everyone has found their place in the circle, the Wordsmith's voice can be heard throughout the room.

"Welcome back. Two more Apprentices are missing from your number today, and I have little doubt that weighs heavily on your minds. Balanced and Capricious have been lost to you, so that the guilty may have a chance to leave the academy and possibly even gain something otherwise impossible to attain.

If you wish for your fallen Apprentices to receive justice in death, then you know what to do: yet again, hold the guilty accountable.

Sixteen Apprentices remain. However many leave here at the end of the day has yet to be seen.


Feb. 24th, 2017 12:03 pm
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For some, it seems this week has been a welcome reprieve – after the pain of the last trial, the week itself has brought with it some vague degree of hope. Perhaps your friends are not truly gone; perhaps the bonds that have suffered between those still alive can be repaired, and the ones that hold fast can be strengthened.

Furthermore, no one has died to the executioner this week.

However, the incentive still exists as a possibility that some might want to explore; it's difficult to say, really, what with all the excitement the past several days have brought with them.

As always, the chimes ring out to signal the hour; the day seems reasonably normal, though given that you've all established a pattern of terrible things happening on Fridays, you might want to check the building just to make sure, particularly the lower floors.

You might want to be careful in those stairwells, though.

Just saying.